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Tales of Ethernight

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I believe in personal freedom (even when I don't approve) and personal responsibility, (even when it's not fair).

I believe in the pursuit of happiness. That is to say, the actual doing something to make your own happiness happen, even when - no, especially when it's hard. I believe doing the things that make you happy in life is better for everyone in the long run - even the people who aren't too happy about it in the short term.

"...it's a lot harder to create your own path than to follow one that's been laid out for you... You could have told me that going in! You know, when someone says, 'Follow your bliss' it sounds like it's gonna be a lot of fun!" -- Dharma & Greg

I'm a big fan of doing things in general. I realized a long time ago that when I think, "Why doesn't someone do something about that?" that maybe that someone should be me. Doing things is a lot more interesting than not doing things; if nothing else you learn a lot, and if things go well then you have something cool to show for it at the end.

I'm highly critical, but not in a mean spirited way. I am critical because I want things to rock, and they only will if we are able to identify the things that suck. I really don't like it when things suck.

I really *do* love it when things rock though. Things like Burningman, which in case you didn't know, rocks pretty seriously. I love hippies, goths, geeks, burners, and weirdos and could probably be considered a little of each. I also have a soft spot in my heart for pagans, surfers, punks, scientists and stoners although none of those lables fit me.

Other relevant bits of information: I'm agnostic, bisexual, polyamorous, Libertarian, in love with adamwiggins, nocturnal, pragmatic, fiercely independent, sensitive, emotional and INTJ.

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Please read my DISCLAIMER

Standard rant / vent disclaimer: Entries tagged with "rant" or "vent" should be read as such. They do not involve any attempt at balance, at delicacy, at seeing both sides of the argument. (Because lets face it, adding a paragraph that says, "Now, I can see why people think this way..." or "Some might make the argument... but I would counter..." just ruins an otherwise perfectly good rant.) They usually do not tell the whole story regarding my feelings on the matter, and should be taken with a mouthful of salt.