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Feel crappy all the time these days. Wake up with my knees hurting so bad I can hardly walk, and my back throbbing. Then I get really tired and it's hard to think straight or move much, and other hard to pinpoint symptoms. It sucks. I think I'll invest in a shit load of vitamins when I get paid. Oh, and some stuff Adam recommended for my knees.

I hope I feel okay by the time I get to the playa. It would be SO DUMB to be sick for burning man.

A lot left to do, but it is starting to seem doable. And a lot of the stuff is polish stuff. Adam thinks that we could stop working right now and it would be fine. Not as awesome as it could be, but fine. Of course we won't, but it's a good place to be at.

I'm going to take a big step tomorrow. (If I have time.) For the first time since I stopped being a Christian, I am going to go into a church.

Oh, that's not quite true. Some of my court mandated AA meetings were in a church. But that didn't really count.

Anyway, it's a big thing. I might burst into flames. So, if you don't hear from me...

See, the thing is, I am feeling that our Holy Empire might be a little sparce. I feel like it has come along really well - but I think it needs some more finishing touches. And I've spent so long putting all that Christian stuff out of my head that I am having a hard time remembering what the finishing touches might be. So, I need to do research.

Luckily for me, there are big beautiful churches every two feet in Pasadena. So I shouldn't have any trouble finding a nice example.

Okay, off to bed. Or something.

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