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Wonderful Weekend

I have the bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world, I'll have you know.

He called me Friday night and we went out shopping on Hollywood Blvd. I had wanted to go shopping anyway, but I'd been shooting for more practicle stuff - well, practicle in the sense of stuff I need for Ascension. Anyway, it was one of those unexpected magical evenings. Of course, most things were closed by the time we got there, but there were a lot of tattoo parlors open. Most of them double as tattoo places as well as cool-stuff stores. I saw a ton of stuff that I loved, tried on some of it. A couple of things Adam bought for me - idn't he sweet? And a couple more things I bought for myself.

I went home with two new wonderful shirts, a fairy skirt, two new knives, a slave bracelet and a claw ring. *grin*

After I get paid again, I have to go back and buy a pair of "bondage capris" as pho0ka donned them. I have a pair now, and they're the closest I get to shorts - which I'll really need for burning man.

We went to sleep around 5, and I got up at 9 for the burning man meeting. *yawn* Why can't they have their meetings at noon, I ask you! Then from there I went running around with Natalie and Aaron and KJ and Darek in Chinatown. I had been wanting to go for awhile anyway, and it was a lot more fun, albeit less productive, with them. It was also the first time I've hung out with them outside of party / burner functions.

I also bought a georgeous chineese dress thingie, which I adore. I won't be eating much next week, when my money runs out. But it's okay, because I'll have cool stuff. I will take it out and stare at it until my hunger goes away.

Saturday night was the Seratonin's / Muytator show. I watched from the balcony for most of the night, which is a good perch for me. The Muytator show was the best I've ever seen. I sure do have amazing friends. *proud grin*

I saw Jaylene. *wistful sigh*

She looked amazing. Why won't reply to my eMails?

Today I worked on Ascension stuff. I made three spears for Savage Dawn - they turned out great! I brought some more sticks home with me that I need to decorate for putting skulls on top of.

I had planned on getting more of my personal projects worked on, but I just don't have time. *sigh* I did start on one accessory - a wrist ornament. I followed pho0kas suggestion, and it's actually turned out really well, even though it's only in the baby stages. Even if I don't get to finish it before the playa, it'll still be cool. :) Thanks pho0ka! So, I'm happy - I had been really depressed that I was going to be all borring on the playa this year, because I don't have time to put into personal stuff. But after all of my irresponsible shopping this weekend, I don't think that will be the case. Yay!

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