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July 16th, 2003 07:37 pm
I have a car again! Whippie!

I went all crazy and got it washed and bought a cover for it. Since I often don't drive for days at a time, and the trees and birds on my street result in it always being covered with crap, I figured it made some sense. I realized though that there's kind of a glitch in my plan. The parking permit, which is displayed in the window, needs to be visable. I'll have to cut a hole in it, but that seems really dumb. *sigh*

I am happy to report _veronica_ is alive and well. She has been unable to be at the computer much due to the lack of a/c in her apartment. But she picked me up yesterday and took me to get food and look at kittens with her at the humane society. I was pleasantly surprised at how not depressing it was. Also, the selection of cats was quite... high quality? Like, they weren't all mean and nasty. Most of them were really pretty, and lots of them were super young kittens. Eek. You don't suppose they put the scruffy, less likely to be adopted, ones to sleep quicker, do you? That thought just puts an unpleasant light on the whole thing.

Later me pho0ka and spaceman23 went to Home Depot together to pick up supplies for Pantheon, then pho0ka drove me home and ate chocolate cake with me. It was nice hanging out with him without _veronica_ around to hold the conversation for him. He spoke many words to me. :) He got me thinking about wanting to make costumes again this year, and gave me some good ideas about a particular accessory. He also made me want to make another pair of wings.... oh, but that's a lot of work. I just don't know if I can, in good conscience, dedicate a lot of time to costumes when I have Ascension to worry about. *sigh* I guess we'll see.

Oh, and let me just say how nice it is to be productive at work again. Stagnation is such an ugly feeling.
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