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We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

Oh what things we'll do for burning man.

We got up and to Mobius by noon both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we finished the last segment of the platform. We still have to drill the holes for it, and bolt it in, but other than that, we're DONE with the construction aspect of the platform.

Sunday, we went out into the bright hot sun put the truss up. We've put it up in two sections before, but were unable to erect it fully inside, (get yer mind outta the gutter) because it's 30 fucking feet in the air, and therefore won't fit in the warehouse. The hard part - putting the top half onto the tripod - turned out to be not so hard after all. Well, hard. Definately hard. But extremely doable. Using Adams idea, we got it right on the first try, and no one even got hurt. Well, a couple of banged up fingers. But no one got seriously hurt. Besides, that was in the breakdown.

So... whew.

Tuesday I'm getting paid, so Monday I'm going to have my car towed to the shop to have them start working on it. Hopefully they'll be done Tuesday or Wednesday, and I'll have my life back. Yay!!!

So, now I can start focusing on the art aspect of things. Meet up with Jesselynn, solidify my own plans, check up with everyone else and see what they need. Maybe do the whole meeting thing. Yeah, that would probably be a good idea.

I'm suprisingly relieved that that part of things is over. I mean, it was really fun, satasifying work. Well, for the first week... week and a half it was fun. It started getting a lot more draining than fun as time when on. But overall, still really fun.

Those last bits of bolts bug me a little thought. I'd like to go back and take care of them maybe Thursday. I have a feeling that Adam will want to take a week off though - he has suffered a lot more than I for the neglect of the rest of his life. So maybe a week from Tuesday. Although, that will be right after LIB, so we may be all cracked out. Hum... I wonder what our LIB plans *are*. It hasn't really been on our radar, and now it's only a week away. Ugh. We'll be faced again with the who's riding with who question. Oh, and my mom said at OKamp that she'd like to go. I wonder if she'll want to roll again. I can't afford to pay for her again though... Hum, I suppose I should figure out what's going on.

Anyway, I don't want to let that last 5% of work that needs to be done sit for too long. For one thing, so it can be out of my hair, and also cuz letting things sit is just generally a bad idea. You forget about them, then the 5% turns out to be a lot more than you expected, then you've got the 5%'s of 15 things that you have to do all at once... so yeah, Thursday or the next Tuesday I'm thinking.

Okay, so I'm rambling. But in summary, I'm really happy with the way things turned out, relieved that I will have my life back soon, and excited to be moving forward to something new and ... well, exciting!

PS I miss _veronica_. And she never updates her journal anymore either. I have a huge box of minty fress goodness waiting here for her. Plus, I owe her a bellydance.

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