Ethernight (ethernight) wrote,


So I got this web consulting project on the side to earn some extra money, and I'm beginning to think it was a big mistake. Usually, when working with clients, everything is always a big mess. Half the job is sorting through the mess to figure out what the hell your job is. This is no different, except that in this case I'm not supposed to communicate directly with the client. Oh boy. Just what this project needs. An extra level of opportunity for miscommunication.

So, I got this list. It was unclear if it was a to do list, a list of components of the project, or maybe just a list of things that the guy thought were generally neat. The equlivent would be if you gave your a maid before the following list:

a. Clean Tom's bedroom
b. the kitchen sink
c. My favorite shoes
d. One of the cats needs a bath.
e. One of the cats needs thier vaccinations
f. A library
g. the garden
h. Pink, red and blue

Now, if you can somehow manage to get this list to the maid who has never worked for you before, without including your home address, that would be about right.

Boy this is gonna be fun.

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