Ethernight (ethernight) wrote,

me and my mac

: Hi OSX. I'm here for my semi-monthly podcast update. Here's my iphone, do your thing.

OSX: Oh, you're back! Sure, I can help you with that, and it will be SO EASY AND CONVENEIENT. You see, that's why people love me. But first, look at all that's happened while you were away.

Me: Uh...

OSX: Look at all these upgrades! Why don't you do that first.

Me: I don't really want to upgrade. I'm just here for the files really.

OSX: Well, you'll need to upgrade iTunes. The version you have isn't compatable with your iPhone.

Me: Oh.

OSX: And you should probably upgrade iPhoto, iLife and Quicktime while you are at it.

Me: But, I don't want to use iPhoto. And what the hell is iLife?

OSX: iTunes uses iPhoto, and you know how fussy it is about always being up to date with the latest jazz. It may also integrate with any of these other pieces of software. If you want, you can try not upgrading them and just see how iTunes feels about that... but you remember what happened last time...

Me: Fine. Whatever. Install the updates.


OSX: Hey, you're back!

Me: Are you done installing those updates?

OSX: No, silly! I was waiting for you. There's quite a bit of paperwork we must go over first.

Me: Oh. Wait, what paperwork?

OSX: Well, you'll need to sign here. Yes, that's it. And there. And don't forget to initial there. Ok! We're all set.

Me: *strained smile*

Me: Oh, hey. I was wondering about something that maybe you could help me with. There's this article on wikipedia, can you pull it up for me while we wait?

OSX: Oh, dear me no. I've really got my hands full with fetching all these software updates for you. The files are rather large you see, so it will take me some time to carry them over. I won't be able to do anything else for quite some time. But please enjoy our lovely background image and progress bar while you wait!


Me: Ok, the updates are done now, right?

OSX: Yep, you're all set!

Me: Oh, good. Can you please sync up my iphone now?

OSX: Oh, well, we'll need to restart before we can do that. I wanted to wait for you to get back before I did that. It's a big decision, and I wouldn't want to make it until I'd confirmed that you are okay with it. So, how are you feeling? Would you like to restart now?

Me: ...yes. Please.


OSX: Hi there! Oh, I see that you've got your iphone there. Why don't I just start up iTunes for you!

Me: Yes. Please, do.

iTunes: Hey there! Would you like to watch a movie? How about your photos, I can take care of that for you! Oh, and wait till you hear about the new ringtones we've got! I can get you a deal on the latest Brittney Spears song! What do you say!

Me: Just my podcasts please. Can you just put them right there please? Right there, you see. Just copy them. Right. there.

iTunes: Sure, I can help you with that! And it will be SO EASY AND CONVENIENT! You won't even have to think about it! But first, look what's been going on while you were away! There's a very important upgrade to your iPhone software. Would you like to install it now?

Me: *twitch*

This post was written while waiting for my OSX, iTunes, and iPhone upgrades to install.
Tags: life, cointains.a story

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