Ethernight (ethernight) wrote,

O'Reilly and Saying Yes

I was pleasantly surprised to see the author of Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use on The O'Reilly Show.

Of course, the interview itself was rather uninteresting. O'Reilly used what I understand to be his trademark technique of making loud, uninformed, strong statements about the topic, while being rude and abrasive to his guest. However, the fact that a topic like this even made it into the mainstream media speaks volumes about the state of the drug war.

Jacob Sullum doesn't pussyfoot around about harm reduction or plead to just let these poor dying patients get high in their last days. Saying Yes makes a bold statement that drug use is a natural drive, as compelling as the drive for sex and food. He goes so far as to say the recreational altering of one's state can be, and most often is, a healthy, natural, and beneficial activity.

A few years ago, no one would have talked to Sullum, especially not the modern leader of right wing moralistic ranting. He would have been considered a kook, a loony, shoved out the back door next to the guy with the tinfoil hat. Today? Today he is considered serious enough to get angry about.

That makes me very happy.
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