Ethernight (ethernight) wrote,

survival of the cutest

I wonder equal parts about the seemingly innate need in some humans to have creatures to pet, as I do about the complementary need in some creatures for human attention. What did humans do before there were housecats and modern dogs? Did whole generations of humans get eaten by saber tooths and wolves, goaded by the overwhelming urge to OMG HAS TO SQUEEZE IT SO CUTE? Have countless wildcats and wolves over the eons been left baffled and dismayed when humans ran screaming from innocent attempts to nuzzle against legs or boof sleeping heads?

If it is so, then this trait must have been a tenacious one indeed, to survive countless tragic ends for humans and beast alike until finally a rare match of a cute-compelled humanbeast with his human-doting fuzzy was made.
Tags: contains.musings, that is.silly

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