Ethernight (ethernight) wrote,


The last few days have been like being set free after a long imprisonment. All of those things that were just out of reach before, held back by the bars of brutal time constraints are now within my reach. I keep finding myself thinking, "Ugh, that's right I still haven't... hey, waiddaminnute! There's nothing stopping me from doing that RIGHT NOW! Why, I think I will!"

One does not usually find one's self approaching things like laundry, taxes, and calls to technical support with such gleeful enthusiasm.

This newfound zeal for life is thanks to two completely unrelated deadlines, which had converged to form a monster deadline larger than the sum of it's parts, having both passed successfully. I am surprised to find myself with so much energy -- usually upon completion of a project that I've run myself into the ground over, there is some amount of time for which the most impressive thing I can hope to accomplish is stare at a blank wall without drooling on myself.

Instead, not only have I been highly productive in daily life issues, I've also found my mind practically skipping along and doing cartwheels in its newfound unburdened state. The world seems so full of interesting phenomenon, just waiting to be dissected and analyzed.

Of course, then I got sick. Ah well.

In other news, I need new icons. Though I can't even begin to imagine where to find them.
Tags: life, has a.story

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