Ethernight (ethernight) wrote,

scornful pots and kettles

You know, one of the reasons I never post anymore is that I lost the urge to share links, or tell you about each other and how great you are. I seem to have had a mental shift where that sort of post no longer seemed valuable. I guess it seems like, the internet is right there. You know where it is. Hell, lookit you, you're on it! You don't need me pointing you anywhere.

This logic is flawed, of course. I often enjoy when people point me in a neat direction on the tubes.

Not-drawing my "fucking geek" comic caused me to think about this subject some more.

I have so many friends of various alternative inclinations. In fact, it is probably fair to say that none of my friends lack some sort of freakish trait. Be it goth, burner, web 2.0 enthusiast, software developer, gamer, pagan, poly, queer, Green, anarchist, performer... the list goes on. Everyone's got their own weird thing.

The thing that constantly amazes me though, is how frequently one group will say about another group, what amounts to,

"Look there! It's a member of an easily identifiable group that is very passionate about a particular interest! Armed with my ever so shallow knowledge of the subject, it is obvious to me that the pursuit lacks value, and therefore I scorn anyone foolish and naive enough to get so conspicuously worked up about it."

Each time I encounter this, I look at the speaker askance with a combination of sadness and incredulation. Perhaps if I were not so often at least minimally exposed to both areas of freakishness, it would not seem like such a childish and transparent defense mechanism for dealing with things you do not understand. Perhaps most freaks are only exposed to like-minded freaks, and therefore feel justified in thinking that their particular group is the only valid way to be. Regardless, each time I encounter it, my faith in humanity, such as it is, gets a bit of a blow.

Due to my self-analytical nature, the first question I ask myself upon discovering a commonly held trait that I dislike is, "Wait, do I do that?" And I have to admit, the answer is closer to a "yes" than I may like. For which group, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's sports fans.

In my own defense, my reaction to your Stereotypical Sports Fan has more to do with their, eh hem, boisterous enthusiasm disturbing the folks around them without consideration. However, if I am to be honest I must admit, my annoyance is tinged with an assumption of value based on precious little evidence.

And having thusly been self-admonished, I'll get back to work.
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