Ethernight (ethernight) wrote,

this week in fiction

I really enjoyed the intro to a recent episode of Escapepod:

"One of the reasons I love science fiction is because so often, scientists are the heros, and there is the sense that rationality, that scientific inquiry and clear thought are what it takes to save the world. I love this idea, because it is so obvious that nothing else will."

A bit of a cynical twist at the end, and involves believing that the world needs saving. But yeah -- I really love it when fiction shows a world where the heros are the ones that use empirical evidence and logic to prompt effective and -- well, heroic -- action.

Well, that and hot smart chicks blowing shit up and cool alien creatures.

In other news, Bones continues to thrill me to pieces. She has in recent times ranted against religion, The War on Drugs, and the institute of marriage. *wistful sigh*

[Edit:] Holy crap! Dr. Temperance Brennan is based off a real person! [/Edit]
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