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There are many official looking signs posted throughout the train, informing you to vacate these seats for disabled persons or that you must carry your transfer at all times as proof of payment. Most of them are the typical informative, finger-wagging that one would expect to see while riding public transportation. This one though, never fails to amuse me.

It's the law!

This leads me to believe that assault on passengers is acceptable. Which is a damned good thing too. Many MUNI riders are in dire need of assaulting.

The other day, on a relatively empty train, we were all rather startled when one of the train doors unexpectedly slid open, revealing the dark interior of the underground tunnels whizzing by. While this didn't appear to be of any immediate danger, it was... well, disturbing.

At the next stop, the driver was informed of the situation and proceeded to address it. As he emerged from his protective plexiglas enclosed chamber to lock the door into place, all I could think was, "He's out, guys! Lets get him!!!"
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