June 13th, 2003 06:26 pm
Wednesday I was out running errands, and I noticed that one of my tires had a big scarry looking crease in it. I took it to the tire place next to my house, where they discovered a nail in it causing a slow leak, and therfore a crease. They said that I would be okay to drive on it until I got paid on Friday, and they even had a nice used tire they could sell me for like half the cost. They said they would hang onto it until Friday.

Last night, I got an eMail from a work superior to call him at 9am to talk about something. Gr. I'm never awake at 9am. He knows that. Gr.

I went to bed at 4, and got up at 9 and called him. Gr. He answers and says, "Hello Alissa. Can I call you right back?" Grrr. "Sure, Rob." Go back to bed.

10am, the phone rings. Fuck him.

11am, I call him back. "Alissa, I'm on a conference call now. You waited too long,you turkey! I'll call you back." Turkey? TURKEY??? You mean the TURKEY that called you ON TIME at 9am, even though it required getting 4 hours of sleep? And who is the one that wasn't READY at 9am? Turkey? TURKEY?!?!?!

"Okay Rob, talk to you soon."

So then I check my eMail and for the first time in weeks, I have a ton of stuff to take care of. Plus, _veronica_ is coming over for lunch, so I have to cook. I run back and forth between the kitchen and the computer all morning.

Rob calls me back, and as expected, tells me something that he could easily have sent in an eMail. Gr.

I've finished most of the work stuff by the time _veronica_ arrives, so I can relax a little. We eat, and she helps me pick out an outfit for Ren Faire. Yay.

She leaves and I finish up the last important thing, stretch and yawn and think, "What to do now...?" I look at the clock. 5:09pm.


I jump in the car and drive 50mph down to the end of my little residential street where the tire place is sitting very closed.

I can't believe I forgot. What a total dork. What am I gonna do now? I can't drive to Ren Faire with a tire that could blow at any minute. Maybe I can drop it off in the morning, but I don't know when they open. I also don't know if they'll save the tire for me.

I sure do hate Rob.
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Date:June 15th, 2003 - 11:36 am

i had no idea lunch was so stressful for you. ya shoulda called me and told me to bring some taco bell or something. well, anyway, *i'm* glad you cooked. it was the first home-cooked meal i've had in a while, unless you count our weekly shaker's ritual. and i found something i like for art to cook for me. even he's glad you cooked! :)
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Date:June 15th, 2003 - 12:23 pm
Oh, I'm glad I cooked too! I hate cooking time consuming meals for just myself, so I just don't. H aving someone come over gives me an reason to make something yummy. It was just dumb that the timing worked out the way it did.
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