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yummy retrograde

A neighbor from my building at work walked into my office this afternoon and offered myself and my officemates cookies. He even brought in a small jug of milk and cups. We all took one and thanked him. Later I ran into him in the kitchen and the following conversation ensued.

"Want another cookie? There are still some left."

"I'm still full, but thank you! By the way, what was the occasion?"

"Oh, I don't know. A friend of mine just told me that Mercury is in retrograde, and that I should be careful."

" you got cookies?"

"Well, she said that it's a time when business deals and friendships and stuff are likely to go bad."

" you got cookies. *chuckle*"

That was, if not the best reaction I've ever seen to the Mercury in retrograde crap, certainly the tastiest.
Tags: life, has a.story, that is.funny

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