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Saturday I got up and went to the Dome Repair party at Abundant Sugar. It was fun hanging out with everyone, and left me with a nice productive feeling. Lots of people thanked me for coming, which I found amusing. It's like saying, "Thanks for paying your rent!" I think I look forward to the day when my contribution to the group is taken for granted.

I then went and picked up Adam, and we went to Hollywood, and I tried on a corset at Dream Dresser, as recomended by aubreycolors. It was fun, although somewhat dissapointing. I found out that my waist is a 22, which was cool - that's a good measurement, right? I thought I would be bigger. There was only one there that would fit me, and it was pretty plain, but I immediately knew what aubreycolors was talking about - it felt a million times higher quality than anything else I've tried on. I wasn't thrilled with the way it scrunched my breasts though - I'm not sure if that's a result of just needing to readjust myself, or if it was that particular one, or what. Adam said that he didn't like it though. :( He said that it changed my shape so much, and he likes my shape - which is sweet. But still. He also said that you could see through the back that there was a crease in my flesh where it folded over, which I had not seen but sounded entirely unattractive. *sigh* I'll have to go back another time and see if I can try on a different style with different results.

We drove around for awhile looking for columns for our burning man project, and actually saw a couple, but the place was closed. I have a feeling that they are going to be super expensive, but Adam saved the number in his phone, so I can call on Monday.

Then we went to the mall there on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highland, and ate a ridiculously expensive meal, and talked about human conscieceness and some therories on it in a book he's reading. Really intersting stuff. I'm going to have to read it when he's done - or try anyway. I always have such a hard time with non-fiction. The most interesting parts of the theory was the bits dealing with memory. What I got out of it was this: (and forgive me, I'm paraphrasing terribly.)

Each moment, human beings constantly take everything that they "know", remember, see, hear, feel, think, etc, and filter it through their current worldview, which produces a new, slightly modified construct of The Way Things Are. The ramifications of this, are to me both fascinating and somewhat scarry. Mostly in having to do with memory, and that is also where it is most aparent to me. That our memories are constantly being filtered through our current worldview, and as a result often come out modified. Okay, end of rabbit trail.

We then went to Hot Topic, and as usual, because I had no money I found tons of things I wanted to buy. This always happens. Either I go to Hot Topic with fists full of cash and find nothing I want, or I go empty handed, and drool over everything I can't have. This time though, I beat the system. Rather, Adam did - he bought stuff for me. Yay!! I have new pants!!!

Okay, you probably don't understand the signifigance of this. I am ridiculously picky, and can never find pants I want - and pants are all that I wear. Prior to Saturday, I essentially had two pairs of pants that I liked, and really just one. Which has the result of me wearing basically the same damned thing all the time. But Saturday, I got not one, but TWO new pairs of pants!!! Yay!!!

I then dropped Adam off at his house, and plopped down in front of the computer to check my eMail. At which point I received a message from Dawna personally inviting me out to a birthday get together with her and Dave. I had seen the group invitation earlier, but I ignored it, like I usually ignore group invites just because I get so damned many of them. It was eleven o'clock, and I wasn't sure if it was too late to go, but I figured - eh, why not?

So I got back in the car and headed over to this smokey little bar. I was pleased to discover that lots of my friends were there, and I had a great time. As usual when I go out without Adam & Miranda, I was really glad - I actually ended up talking to and getting to know people instead of hiding in the corner with them. I talked to both Dawna and Dave for awhile, seperately and they're both really cool, and seem to like me a lot. AND - you won't believe this - KJ flashed me. *cue little hearts popping above my head* I got all blushy and wasn't too sure how to respond, but I don't think you could tell because the lighting was red, and then everyone just went back to their conversations.

There was some minor alchohol related annoyances. A few people that I am not overly fond of had some trouble respecting boundries. Why is it that the people that decide to invade your personal space are never the ones that you want to? Then there was some fighting nonsense, which was really dissapointing. I hate watching people acting like idiots, especially when you were not previously aware that they had an idiot side. Oh, and my favorite part of the night was when a particurlar drunk individual announced that I had a huge zit on my neck, and could they please pop it for me? Oh, pleeeeeze? But why not? It's right there, and it's sooooo big!


I got home to find an eMail from Dawna inviting me over to dinner next week, and in invitation from a pretty friendster girl that I had previously eMailed to join her at Ren Faire next Saturday. I hope I can go - I may be too busy with Spirit Journey stuff.

All and all, a wonderful weekend.

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