August 12th, 2008


Who should I be reading?

It's that time again. My friends list has been culled down to a lean, mean post writing machine. Ok, so honestly, it was culled a bit beyond "lean" to perhaps, "skinny". Possibly even venturing into malnourished territory.

So! Who are the two people on your friends list that I really should be reading if I'm not already?

I'll start.

theuglyvolvo is one of the jewels I discovered on readers_list. Most of her entries are personal anecdotes about her life, written in short-story format. I invariably enjoy her entries -- they are always very well written and hilarious. The thing I really love about all of her stories is that she knows how to do a good ending. Every story I read of hers ends leaving me feeling downright satisfied.

In the realm of personal journal style blogs, madbard is clever, entertaining, and occasionally even thought provoking. A fellow aficionado of freedom, atheism, and Whedon, I often enjoy reading his well articulated perspective 10° off from my own.

See how much fun that was? Now, go forth and post about your picks.