May 8th, 2008



So often these days when I'm out and about I find myself scanning the crowds, watching the door, hoping I'll see you there. I find myself searching for your face, that flair of your coat as you walk by, the presence that can be felt when you walk into a room.

It's silly of course -- if you had been here, I already would have noticed. You stand out in a crowd. Your attire, for one thing. It's not particularly extravagant or radical, but it still catches the eye. All of your outfits have a certain cohesive aesthetic that whispers of otherworldliness.

In short, you would stand out because you obviously wouldn't belong here. Heck, you don't belong anywhere, you're always just fifteen degrees off. But your quiet confidence and strong sense of self makes you comfortable wherever you are. It makes people like you -- they feel comfortable around you because you are comfortable with yourself.

It is so obvious that the way you watch things that the gears are turning in your head. Seeing you, a person is struck with the sense that you are high caliber. You are a step apart and a step above. It's a bit intimidating. Being around you feels like you are under the microscope, but at the same time there is an air of easy acceptance about you that puts people at ease. And that critical eye? It makes your approval so much more rewarding.

It is so easy for us to talk, not because we have all that much in common, but because we click, in that way that people do that are fifteen degrees off. We feel a connection that makes talking about ideas both foreign and familiar just flow. You make my brain go new places, and I think that is what I miss the most.

I don't know who you are, but I wish you were here.