March 8th, 2008


220 words are worth two pictures

I have had some thoughts lately that I've felt compelled to post about. Which is good... it seems to imply that perhaps I am nearing the end of my self-imposed sabbatical from all human contact.

Unfortunately, it's been so long I've lost the hang of writing. The posts sit half-written, growing stagnant. That never tends to go well.

Ah well. In the interim, two comics I would draw xkcd style, if I had the ability.(*)


Frame 1: Someone in full LARP gear walks down the sidewalk.
Frame 2: Someone approaches, nose in a Magic the Gathering deck.
Frame 3: The two pass one another.
Frame 4: An identical thought bubble above each head: "What a fucking geek."


Frame 1: A person walking down a sidewalk with an iphone in hand.
Frame 2: Zoom up on the iphone, doing a search for the nearest place to eat.
Frame 3: Zoom out. A line tracing the signal from the iphone to the nearest cell phone tower.
Frame 4: Zoom out further. The line bounces from tower to tower, before plunging back down into the earth.
Frame 5: The line becomes a spidery web in the ground, being routed through various servers, in turn spawning requests to other servers, gathering requests back.
Frame 6: The line comes back, a bolt out of the heavens, to the glowing iphone in our stick figures hand.
Frame 7: The display shows the location for "Joe's Diner"
Frame 8: Zoom back out to the figure. Around his head are "tilt tilt tilt" sound effects, as he raises his head to look at the world around him.
Frame 9: Zoom out a bit further, to see that our figure stands next to "Joe's Diner".
Frame 10: "Huh. I never noticed that was there."


* The only thing that sucks about XKCD is that it makes you realize, really, you can't even draw stick figures.