February 18th, 2008

squee, fragile

forgive me a silly cat post, to distract me from the ouch

I was awakened about an hour ago by stomach pain that, in addition to being intense, is worse when laying down. So it would seem I'm up for a bit.

I discovered Cinder sleeping by my side, which came as somewhat of a surprise. We have settled into a routine of sorts, the boys and I. Cinder comes to bed with me, and I wake up with Onyx by my side.

Cinder is a temperamental and delicate creature. Even when he wants, and is in fact getting your attention, he will spend quite a bit of time readjusting himself and making little disgruntled noises to express his uncertainty about this whole letting-you-touch-him thing, before eventually settling into a calm and happy state. During this adjustment period, he is quite testy, and a carelessly placed hand will have him fleeing in terror.

So it works out well that he falls asleep by my side when I have the attention to dedicate to his eccentricities, and wake up to Onyx who, while still being a more skiddish cat than average, is all love and cuddles with me. A state which is much more well suited for my morning adjustment period of uncertainty and disgruntled noises.

I do wonder what occurs to trigger the switch-off. I imagine Onyx clocking in at -- I now know -- sometime after 5am -- and exchanging small talk about the night watch. "How's she been tonight?" "Eh, it's been a quite night. Watch out for the left foot though."