September 14th, 2003


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So, I'm 23 now.

Age usually is pretty insignifigent to me, as the tie to me between chronoligical age and any other measure of a person - be it stage of life, maturity, etc, is not neccessarily there. This is somewhat noteworthy though, because it is the age that people have been mistakenly guessing that I was for the last few years now. I wonder if I have finally grown into my age, or if people are going to start guessing that I'm 26 now.

I was gonna write more, but I took some melatonin before I started writing, thinking that I would have pleanty of time before it kicked in. But then I started fiddling with my bookmarks code, which gave the melatonin time to kick in and now I'm all druggey. So, adeu.
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