August 8th, 2003


omygod omygod omygod

There are only thirteen days left until we leave for the playa. Oops, no twelve now. omygod omygod omygod omygod... Twelve days... Two weekends... omygod omygod... What the HELL was I thinking??? Is there ANY WAY we'll get it all done in time?!?! omygod omygod...

Eh hem. Sorry, let me turn that down.

Please excuse the noise in my head. It gets a bit loud sometimes.

Yesterday I built a podium. It turned out really well. It's slightly slanty, and the 45 degree angles of the trim don't quite match up everywhere, but it's not very noticable.

Today I've been working on pikes. (Decorated sticks with skulls on top of them.) It's difficult to keep your creative energy going. I'm on my third and I need a total of five. I think my last one was the best yet though.

Last week I made some spears.

Next projects include placks for each area, and two stone tablets to pain the ten commandments onto. And I need pews. Wooden benches. Anyone know where to get cheap wooden benches? Like 4 of them. I found some nice ones the other day, but they're $100 each, and we want 4. They don't have to be wooden - anything that could be pew like.

If I keep this up, I'm going to have to stop telling people that I'm not creative and that I suck at doing things in the physical world.

omygod omygod omygod...
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