June 10th, 2003



Internet dating is an odd thing.

You don't get the millions of little visual cues that tell you all of the things about a person that they don't know about themselves. You only get... the person that they think they are.

You fill in all of the missing elements in your head, and you probably fill them in the way that you want them to be. But who knows, really, until you meet them.

Then you don't want to rush the whole meeting process... I know some people take years before they get around to it. But then I also know that some of those people have fallen in love with someone totally different than the person that they end up meeting in real life.

So, yes, I may meet a girl on Saturday at Ren Faire. Has anyone ever been? I haven't and I doubt I have anything approperate to wear. That is, I have nothing renaissance. So, what would one substitute? I have lots of different styles of clothes, but I have no idea which would fit the occation best.

Okay then there's this - she changed the status on her profile between the initial time that I read it and now. Now it just says she's seeking "friends". Oh, and her reply to the "who I want to meet" section is infuratingly gender neutral. So I don't know... does that mean that she met the perfect someone? Or did she just realize that seeking "women and men" actually only applied to dating, and really she's a stright girl just wanting to find new people to hang out with? Or, and oh what a horrifying thought, did I just make a really big blunder and her profile said looking for friends the whole time?!?! Damned friendster. If they only had a sexual orientation profile option, this would all be so much easier.


Look at the eMail I got on Friendster:

Giant clapping monkeys flinging poo!

Come visit the giant clapping monkey this August.
Watch the trebuche fling poo! Listen to the
clezmer music thumping from the monkey's speakers.
Know the terror! Know the fear! Love the monkey!

( Just adding a twitch of weirdness to a random
playa goer's morning.)"