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So, I just saw on the news, an airplane crashed into an apartment building in west hollywood. It's really creepy. They showed the map where it happened - I'm pretty sure I used to drive by that building when I worked in West Hollywood. It doesn't look like there are any fatalities. Just like ten people injured.

And I find it really odd - no one has even breathed the word "terrorism". I mean, it seems unlikely to me to be an attack - besides the fact that it's a tiny three story apartment building, all signs point to a normal crash. But still... it's gotta be on everyone's mind. You can't hear, "A airplane crashed into a building" and not immideatly wonder if it's an attack. It seems like they would say, at least, "There is no evidence that it was a terrorist attack." Or, "It seems unlikely...". But the total lack of saying anything...? It's weird.

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