Ethernight (ethernight) wrote,

I can't sleep, and as usually happens at 4am, no one is online to keep me
compony. *sigh*

I thought I would venture into the brainless recesses of the web that are chat
rooms, but then I remembered I'm using redhat, and nothing fancy like chat
clients will work on a Linux - or at least if they will, it requires more
expertise than I've got.

Wow, I must seem whiney. I just glanced at my recent enteries and realized
that I have not had a single entry with a positive "current mood". Ha! Well,
I suppose I am whiney. But not as much as I appear to be. It's just that
when I'm happy, I don't feel the need to express it. Such is the nature of

Ew. Listen to me. The book I'm reading must be rubbing off on me. "The
Picture of Dorian Gray." A bunch of english gentlemen philosophizing while
sipping tea. I think I might even agree with aspects of the underlying
messages, but it's so hard to tell, the way they ramble on.

Okay, so someone IM me. Ethernight on Yahoo, or EtherNite on AIM.

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