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There have been quite a few events of note that I have not written about. Writing about stuff that happened is always so borring... it's just retelling the past. What's the fun in that?

But, anyway, here it is.

When I found out that Frequinox, where Adam was spinning, and Earthdance were on the same day, I said fuck earthdance, and decided to go to Frequinox. KJ was asking who was going where, so I replied to the list and said as much. (Although much more diplomatically.)

So, Friday I talk to _veronica_ for the first time in a million years, and she invites me out to Miss Kitty's. I called Adam to see if he wanted to go too, and he did. It was fun. I got a chance to show off some of my cool new stuff I got at Pagan Pride, and get all gothy. Then I kidnapped Adam and made him come home with me. *smile*

So then I realize tomorrow is Frequinox, and it's a million miles away, and the next weekend is both the psytrance party that we've been planning on going to for awhile, as well as moving weekend. So, I decide that I want this weekend to be low key after all. Saturday morning / afternoon, Adam and I go out furniture window shopping, then I drop him off at his place. I get home and dont' feel so hot, so I lie down.

I wake up at about midnight. Realizing that the afterparty is probably in it's prime right about now, I decide to head over. They had about four bottles of red wine, all of which I'm pretty sure I drank. (Silly Orange Kids and their beer.) I ended up having a lot more fun than I had expected. I talked to lots of people,and sat on lots of laps. It's interesting the differences in the kinds of inhibitions that are lowered with alchohol vs. MDMA. I didn't get too drunk though, and I was pleased to find that I wasn't doing anything I would not approve of.

Mike Wonder and I talked for a long time about our moms and our life stories, and the striking similarities between them. Both of us were raised born again Christian by a a not-so-great Mom, who later tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills, but decided to call us to say goodbye, which resulted in us saving her life.

Pete came up with a great idea for a project for Christmas presents, which I'm really excited about. I can't tell you what it is though. It's a big secret.

I had an invigorating conversation with a guy named D'mon, (proably not spelled like that,) about the victum attitude so prelevant in the black community.

And I cried to Pete for hours and hours about how sad I am that Jaylene never returns my calls and eMails.

The sun starts to come up, and Candy suggests that I crash at her house, since she lives just down the street. I wait until I'm sober enough to drive, and we head over.

On the way to my car, I look at my phone to check the time, and notice that there's a message. It is from around 11pm... which was when I was sleeping. It says,

"Hi Alissa, this is Jaylene. I heard that you were going to be coming up to Frequinox, so I hope I see you here. Give me a call..."


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